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 Amaya, Sep. 2005 


Description : Azulita likes to help out at bathtime.
From: Terry Pfaffenberger (Sun Nov 13 08:25:53 2005)
My cat looks similar to yours but darker. His name is Mergatroid (Comes from the old Snagglepus cartoon- Heavens to Mergatroid. Not to be confused with FUNEX- remember that?)
From: n8 (Mon Nov 14 01:16:01 2005)
Snagglepuss I remember. FUNEX, not so much...
From: Terry Pfaffenberger (Thu Jan 19 10:39:28 2006)
I just now discovered you guys have responded to some of my comments.

FUNEX was a joke you really laughed at one day at the law library. I'll refresh your memory-

FUNEX? (Have you any eggs?)
SVFX (Yes we have eggs)
FUNEM? (Have you any ham?)
SVFM (Yes we have ham)
OK- M & X (OK- Ham and eggs)

Reference is to a restaurant patron ordering breakfast from the server. My father always used to say OK M & X- I don't know where he got this from but it's a memory I'll always have of him.

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