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 Amaya, Jan. 2006 
Purple People Eater

Purple People Eater

Description : This is hilarious. She's the one-eyed purple people eater!
From: Terry Pfaffenberger (Sun Apr 23 10:34:18 2006)
I wasn't able to play this video for some reason-might just be doing something wrong. This being the last one though, I'll take the opportunity to tell you I'm forwarding this to Isabel and Tina. Isabel says she hasn't been getting these photos from you; I'm not sure about Tina.
From: n8 (Sun May 7 23:13:04 2006)
Sorry you're having trouble. You ought to be able to play the file in windows media player, or really just about any other media player. Drop me an e-mail if you can't get it to work: n8gray at caltech dot edu.

The same goes for Isabel and Tina if they aren't getting the RMail messages.
From: Administrator (admin) (Thu May 18 21:53:06 2006)
One more thing, these videos are really big -- about 20MB. If you're on a dial-up connection it'll take a long long time to download them. You can try right-clicking on the movie, then saving the linked movie on your desktop and playing it from there.

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