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Like my work? Check out HexaLex, my game for iPhone & iPod Touch. It's a crossword game like Scrabble, but played with hexagonal tiles. http://www.hexalex.com

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If you’re building an iPhone app that uses Facebook Connect you’re eventually going to need a session proxy. The session proxy acts as a middleman between your iPhone app and Facebook’s servers, so that you don’t have to distribute your Facebook app secret with your app, where it can easily be extracted by someone [...]

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to give a talk about Backup Bouncer to the University of Utah Mac Managers Meeting. I spoke a bit about Backup Bouncer’s history, gave a brief tour of the HFS+ filesystem, and gave a demo. If you’re interested in the topic you can download the [...]

Some of you have probably noticed that I’ve been neglecting some of my other projects and complaining about being busy a lot lately. Well here’s what I’ve been working on. I’m pleased to announce HexaLex, a new angle on crossword games! The first platform for HexaLex is iPhone and iPod Touch, but [...]

As QLColorCode fans are aware, Snow Leopard’s version of Xcode has caused some trouble for me. To wit, Xcode 3.2 shipped a Quick Look plugin that registered for the public.source-code uniform type identifier1 (UTI), which is the primary UTI that QLCC registers for so it can do it’s magic. In the world of [...]

Update: Thanks to a misconfiguration on my part, QLCC 2.0.0 didn’t work on Leopard. The problem is solved in QLCC 2.0.2.

Continuing on my “update side projects for Snow Leopard” theme, I’ve just rolled a new release of QLColorCode. I added support for a few new languages, including Scala, which is a personal fave. [...]

I just wrapped up Backup Bouncer 0.2.0, with the major change being that it now builds on Snow Leopard. Get it at the usual place. BB used to include a program called ctool that I had thought about using but never actually used. This ctool program was unmaintained and didn’t build on [...]

I get a lot of mail from people wishing Forget-Me-Not worked in Leopard. For them, I’m happy to report some hopeful news. A while back I was contacted by a senior Apple representative who expressed interest in helping me revive Forget-Me-Not. In the end, after consulting with Apple engineers, it was decided [...]

Oh Mama! Another Backup Bouncer post! You might think that I, the author of Backup Bouncer, the crusader for end-user verification of backup tools, would have run BB on Time Machine at some point. If so, you have seriously underestimated my laziness. But this morning I got an e-mail from a [...]

I just released Backup Bouncer 0.1.3. I’ve changed the output format to print the “priority” of a test along with its outcome, which hopefully should clear up some confusion among less experienced users. On a tip from Patrick Power I’ve added a new test that combines resource forks and hard links. Unfortunately, [...]

A friend recently pointed out that BB gets some love on the Carbon Copy Cloner product page. This is quite satisfying to me, since my indirect goal with BB was to get it into the hands of the folks making the tools. The primary goal was always to let users validate backup tools [...]

Like my work? Check out HexaLex, my game for iPhone & iPod Touch. It's a crossword game like Scrabble, but played with hexagonal tiles. http://www.hexalex.com