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I just installed a plugin to do syntax highlighting on the code blocks in my blog, so naturally I went looking through my posts for code blocks to admire. I was shocked to find that I haven’t shared much code at all! I’ll have to change that. Stay tuned…

If you’re building an iPhone app that uses Facebook Connect you’re eventually going to need a session proxy. The session proxy acts as a middleman between your iPhone app and Facebook’s servers, so that you don’t have to distribute your Facebook app secret with your app, where it can easily be extracted by someone [...]

My Popcorn Hour PCH A-100 media streamer has a mipsel architecture, which led me to wonder, “what the heck does mipsel mean anyway?” As it turns out, the difference between mips and mipsel is that mips is big-endian and mipsel is little-endian. Mystery solved.

Like most ssh servers on the internet, the Mojave group server gets lots of ssh dictionary attack attempts. These attacks are carried out by scripts that try to find dumb passwords on a machine by brute force. There are a few different tactics these scripts use for picking username/password pairs, including:

User: root, Password: [...]

One of the features I’ve really liked in Leopard has been Quick Look. It’s a really nice way to browse files quickly, without opening up a bunch of random apps. However, the QL plugin that Apple provides for reading source code is, well, just plain boring. You just get the text, in [...]

About a month ago, Google’s Amit Singh announced the availability of a port of the FUSE (Filesystems in USErspace) framework to Mac OS X. Amit’s the guy who wrote the book on OS X internals, and probably understands OS X better than anyone else outside of Apple. I’m not going to spend a [...]

In a recent post I discussed the URC-300 universal remote, one of my favorite new toys. I yakked a bit about discrete codes and left off with a tantalizing tease about using discrete codes from the Remote Central database with LIRC. Just to refresh your memory, this would be nifty because it would [...]

For anybody who thinks that fair-use rights activists like the EFF are being too paranoid about DRM and “Trusted” Computing (AKA Treacherous Computing), read this. Sony's “copy protected” CDs install a CD driver, IDE driver, and a rootkit to cover their tracks. This rootkit can be found by some spyware detection programs, but [...]

Ever wanted to know the pinout of a PlayStation controller connector? How about how to build a null-modem cable? Who among us hasn't, at some point, wanted to build their own PS/2 to Serial Mouse adapter? Thanks to the folks at the Hardware Book, you can get all this information and more!

Once [...]

About a year ago I bought a 2005 Subaru Legacy wagon with an in-dash 6-CD changer. It's proven to be an excellent car, but it has one nagging flaw: there's no way to connect an iPod to the stereo. The usual way this is done for factory stereos without aux-in jacks is to [...]

Like my work? Check out HexaLex, my game for iPhone & iPod Touch. It's a crossword game like Scrabble, but played with hexagonal tiles. http://www.hexalex.com