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I get a lot of mail from people wishing Forget-Me-Not worked in Leopard. For them, I’m happy to report some hopeful news. A while back I was contacted by a senior Apple representative who expressed interest in helping me revive Forget-Me-Not. In the end, after consulting with Apple engineers, it was decided that the way to go forward would be to provide a new API suitable for FMN. This conclusion was slightly surprising to me, because it seems like the API we’re using should be suitable, but then again I’m not an Apple engineer. In any case, if you want to revive FMN, please file a bug report at http://bugreport.apple.com (requires a free ADC membership) and say you want to support the enhancement in bug report 6018339. You don’t have to say much of anything, just make sure to reference that bug number — Apple considers duplicate bug reports “votes”, so you want to make dead sure they know it’s a duplicate.

Before you get your hopes up, please understand that this contact was made back in the early summer and nothing much has come from it. Hopefully a few “votes” for the issue will get the ball rolling again.

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1. gse replies:

Done! I’d love to have FMN working, or an OS feature that does the same thing.

2. trc replies:

I’d love for FMN to work in Leopard. I just submitted a bug… have you heard anything else since the initial communication?

Do you know of any other tools that accomplish something similar to FMN?

Thank you very much!

3. n8 replies:

@trc: No, I don’t know of anything that works like FMN. Having said that, I’m actually running FMN under Leopard now and it sort of sometimes works. It’s not _reliable_, but it’s better than nothing I suppose…

4. Gothgod replies:

Submitted a bug, hope they fix this.

5. Robert replies:

I also submitted a bug. Here’s hoping!

6. Lieven replies:

No news from the Apple engineers I assume? Would love to see FMN revived…
(Did vote too)

7. aattia replies:

Do you know if this work in snow leopard? Did they include the api in snow leopard?

8. n8 replies:

I did a small bit of testing and it seemed to work a *bit* better, but I haven’t had time to give it a real workout. You should try it yourself. :)

9. Botsvein replies:

tried on a snow leopard (10.6.2) – mainly fmn works.
spotted two bugs:
1. fmn launches x11 by itself
2. fmn saves windows’ sizes, but not always windows’ position (fine when attaching second monitor, but windows go down about half screen when detaching it).
If needed, I can post screens or any other additional info. hope this would help to revive the project!

10. n8 replies:

@Botsvein: Thanks for testing FMN.

1. I’m aware of the X11 issue — it’s due to a change in X11 that’s existed since Leopard. It wouldn’t be tough to solve that problem, but it didn’t seem worth it since FMN didn’t work properly anyhow.
2. That’s the main problem. Since Leopard, the technique FMN used for getting window positions became unreliable. I think there may also be a problem when you have multiple spaces enabled as well — the windows on the current space are saved and restored but others aren’t.

11. Robert replies:

I find Snow Leopard’s built-in window placement when going from 1->2 displays and back again to be worse than in Leopard. Arg. I guess there’s really no hope of this improving unless Apple provides the API needed by FMN?

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Like my work? Check out HexaLex, my game for iPhone & iPod Touch. It's a crossword game like Scrabble, but played with hexagonal tiles. http://www.hexalex.com